Ann Brennan

Ann Brennan 
Dip. Phyt. MNIMH

It was as a trainee chef in the early 1990s that I started to learn about the vital role nutrition plays in achieving good health. As my training progressed, I increasingly focused on nutritional science and catering for speciality diets. I also learnt that the herbs and spices that I routinely used in many recipes had their own medicinal effects and in 1994 I undertook a herbal studies course.

In 1996, I decided to broaden my knowledge and trained as a medical herbalist. During my course I studied orthodox medical science, including anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, pharmacology, clinical and differential diagnosis, nutrition and medical laboratory science.

Whilst training, I worked in a natural health clinic and shop gaining valuable experience working alongside practitioners from various complementary disciplines. I also trained with some of the leading producers of natural cosmetics and health care products in the UK.

Shortly after qualifying and establishing my own practice in 2002, I undertook further training in aromatic medicine and became a registered Foresight practitioner in pre-conceptual care for infertility. In 2008 I became a Koren Specific Technique practitioner. I was personally trained by author and educator Dr. Tedd Koren, the developer of this incredible new technique.

I hold an advanced diploma in rational emotive behaviour therapy, a type of cognitive behavioural therapy. You can read more about my approach here.

I practise in Chippenham, Bath and the South West. See the Clinics page for more details.

Iʼm always happy to answer any questions. For more information or to discuss treatment options, please get in touch.