How can I benefit from nutritional medicine?

There are many ways in which changing your diet can boost your health, increase your vitality and improve your mood. Many medical conditions can be treated successfully. Acute conditions such as colds, flu, inflammation and gastrointestinal problems can respond quickly to nutritional medicine, the benefits often seen in days. Chronic conditions tend to show more subtle improvement over weeks or months.

How do I know if a nutrition consultation is suitable for me?

We can all gain huge benefits by improving our diets. Even those of us who eat healthily may have specific dietary needs that are not being addressed. I can help treat a wide range of health problems across all age groups. People are often surprised at the number of conditions that can be improved by nutrition.

What happens during the consultation?

The first consultation will take about an hour. Any health problems can be examined and a medical history will be taken. You will be asked to complete a food diary prior to your visit. I will give dietary recommendations designed specifically for you and give support and advice to make the suggested changes as easy as possible.

How many sessions will I need?

Some people only need a general diet health check and one session is adequate. Two or more sessions may be necessary to investigate and correct a chronic problem. You may need time to make the changes that will bring you to optimum health.

I am already seeing a doctor for my condition. Is nutritional medicine still suitable for me?

Definitely. Nutritional medicine works safely alongside conventional medicine. It will complement medical treatment.

Will I need to take supplements?

Diet is the fundamental part of the treatment and the focus is very much on enjoying the pleasures of healthy food. However, short-term use of herbs or supplements may be necessary to help address a particular condition.

How much does it cost?

The current treatment fees are on the Therapies page.

How do I find out more or book an appointment?

For more information or to discuss treatment options, please get in touch by email or phone, or use the form on the Contact page.